​Experience Community

June 15th

3:00pm - 9:00pm

Attendees will enjoy a day, and evening, full of live entertainment, beautiful crafts and children’s activities
All in the open air off the vibrantly lit Downtown Plumas Street in Yuba City. This traditional event encourages the Plumas Street Merchants to be open for business to show off their wonderland of unique gifts.

Free Entertainment, kids zones with water and hands on experiences to entertain them all day, shopping and plenty of food to satisfy every persons palate!  



The first ever 530 TALENT SHOW is happening on June 15th at the Yuba City Summer Stroll Festival! Open to all residents of the 530 area code (ages 13+), it’s going to be fun for the whole family!


For your chance to participate and win $1,000, simply upload a less than 1 minute video preview of you performing your talent to Facebook with “#530TalentShow” included in the description. Or, send a less than 1 minute audition video to 530talentshow@gmail.com. Audition videos must be received by midnight on May 17, 2019. Group acts are permitted. Please consider set up time (maximum 90 seconds) and stage size for the event (24x16 ft).
If selected, you will be contacted by May 21, 2019. All participants must complete and return required forms, plus a $35 entry fee (per act) by May 31, 2019. Participants must be present at the event on June 15, 2019 from 6pm-8:30 pm. Contestants will have up to 2 minutes to perform their talent.


A panel of judges will score the contest based on the following criteria:

TALENT: Level of mastery of your talent.

DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: Complication involved in the act.

SHOWMANSHIP: Stage personality, poise, confidence, expression, voice projection, gestures, stage presence, crowd appeal. 

ORIGINALITY or INTERPRETATION: Freshness of the act. Ability to adapt the act to the situation.  Thoughtfulness.  

 ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: Overall effect of the performance


The show will take place on the Teegarden Avenue stage at the Yuba City Summer Stroll from 7-8 pm. Bring the family because there’s no purchase necessary to attend! The winning act will receive a check for $1,000!